AJM Kooheji Group B.S.C. (c) is one of the most renowned business powerhouses in Bahrain today. The Group brings to Bahrain highly prestigious, globally recognized brands, in addition to having its own product lines that are well known on the island.

AJM Kooheji & Sons, a business trading in textiles from India and neighboring countries was founded in  1890. Since then, there has been no looking back. It has been over a hundred years since this humble beginning, and today, AJM Kooheji Group has taken its place of pride as a distinguished and respected business entity in Bahrain.

AJM Kooheji & Sons went on to acquire the sole distributorship of Bridgestone and the first distributorship of Yamaha outboard engines in the world outside of Japan, almost 5 decades back. Over a period of time, the group has diversified into 12 strategic business units, dealing in diverse fields in manufacturing, contracting, distribution & retail, education and investments.

This powerhouse has stood strong in the face of many global economic slumps, growing along and beyond the economic growth of Bahrain and expanding its horizon not only in the traditional businesses but also new international business opportunities.

The Founder had nurtured a vision, which was to establish a professional work force that supports the Bahraini community and serves humanity at large. Today, the Board of Directors and employee partners at AJM Kooheji Group have taken his dream further, strengthening the foundation of the Company with commitment to quality, excellent customer service and trustworthy work ethics.

What the Company stands for is encompassed in its motto, "We are passionate about everything we do."

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