Group CEO`s Message

AJM Kooheji Group is proud of its 126 years of rich history and varied experience across various sectors. The company has grown from its foundations to a workforce of more than 800 employees working in offices in more than 3 countries and enhancing the reputation and providing services to all customers, broadening AJM Kooheji Group’s market reach, and offering a complete line-up of services and products to both private and government clients.

As a company, we strive to offer matchless value to our clients on the strength of our strong fundamentals in core businesses. We will continue on our path of pursuing growth in high margin growth oriented sectors.

We have earmarked a strong focus on improving our client service and relationships, as well as empowering our high margin businesses to drive sustainable and long term growth.

The elementary pillars of our growth and development remain our skilled, experienced, talented, motivated and dedicated employee partners who work dedicatedly around the clock and give their best for the group.

Reinforced by strategic alliances with exceptional partners, as well as the support of its employee partners, the AJM Kooheji Group Management has been successful in implementing our business plan. We are “Powered by Passion” and are fully committed to have the name of AJM Kooheji Group etched on the globe.

Our Business Partners