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Bridgestone Tire Safety - GCC Traffic Week

Published on April 21, 2016

The sole contact between the car and the road is a patch of tire which is the size of your palm. Motorists can only trust their cars to turn, stop, and go if they trust their tires. Today's ever-changing driving environment poses a constantly evolving challenge for Bridgestone and its products. Bridgestone's passionate commitment to safety and comfort inspires and sets new standards of technological advancement.

Yet Bridgestone's commitment alone is not enough. Cooperation from each one of the customers to routinely check their tires and ideal air-pressure maintenance is just as important. The joy of stress-free driving is only possible with a well-maintained set of tires.

Bridgestone's long-term goals can only be achieved through the steady advancement of technology and greater customer awareness about tires. For this exact reason Bridgestone and AJM Kooheji Group setup a Bridgestone Tire Safety Track at the recently concluded GCC Traffic Week in the Amwaj Lagoon. The track allowed children between the age 2-6 to experience driving while adhering to all signals and traffic regulations. All the children were given a license for being safe drivers. They were also given Bridgestone branded balloons & chocolates to take home. All the parents were given valve caps, a tire tread meter & service / product discount coupons. Over 7000 children participated in the 2 week long event.

From left to right: Daichi Kadowaki, Sales & Marketing Manager, Bridgestone ME, Vineet Mathur, COO, AJM Kooheji Group and Yusuke Tokoshima, Deputy General Manager, Bridgestone ME

“Bridgestone has always been committed to safety of all its customers. The main reason why we had this road show was to educate the youngsters. If we educate them when their minds are still young, the message of safety will stay embedded forever. The future drivers of Bahrain will always have safety as their first priority” said Vineet Mathur, COO, AJM Kooheji Group.

Mr Tokoshima, Deputy General Manager, Bridgestone ME had the following to say, “We at Bridgestone think this is a great initiative taken by the Ministry of Traffic, Bahrain to allow us to impart the knowledge of road and tire safety to these young and budding minds. We hope to associate in a much bigger way the next time this event is conducted”.

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