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LG Brings the Future of TV with OLED to Bahrain

Published on September 15, 2016
Manama, Bahrain, 5 September 2016: LG Electronics, a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics has launched its highly anticipated premium OLED TV series and Super UHD TV range in Bahrain. LG’s latest in home entertainment including the special edition portable JonOne speaker as well as LG’s newest Bluetooth speakers have also been released. The launch is held in association with AJM Kooheji Group, LG’s distributor in Bahrain.

The latest LG premium OLED and Super UHD TV line-up showcase includes G6, E6, UH95, and UH85 ranging from 55 to 86-inches, known for its premium design, and most importantly the support of Multi HDR Solutions – HDR and Dolby Vision™. LG is the only brand supporting both solutions.

 LG’s 2016 OLED TVs belong to the brand’s exclusive lineup of TVs that support both of the HDR formats that are classified as industry-standard – the HDR backed by the Ultra HD Alliance’s (UHDA) (which is an open format) and Dolby Vision™, which has already been adopted by major studios and service providers and have received a global recognition.

 Commenting at the launch, Mr. Yong Geun Choi, President, LG Electronics Gulf, said,“LG’s ongoing focus at raising awareness of OLED TVs has opened up substantial market potential for the latest TV format globally and regionally, resulting in a positive impact on the sales of OLED. Bahrain is an important market for us as consumers’ increasing interest in latest technologies has significantly contributed to the evolving market landscape. We are proud to launch the latest OLED series in Bahrain with AJM Kooheji Group to ensure OLED remains the market standard.”

 According to reports and scientific studies alike, OLED otherwise known as Organic Light Emitting Diode, delivers the best-looking picture of any type of TV display today. OLED has the ability to turn each individual pixel on or off. This makes backlighting unnecessary, allowing the TV to display perfect black and an infinite contrast.

Beyond compatibility, LG’s OLED TVs offer a nuanced HDR experience, rendering deeper, more detailed darks and brighter highlights. This versatility makes the OLED HDR experience more complete.

LG’s ULTRA Luminance technology greatly enhances contrast between dark and bright areas, delivering vivid HDR images while Contrast Maximizer offers additional depth and contrast by separating objects from their backgrounds. With 10-bit panels and 10-bit processing power, LG OLED TVs can render more than a billion possible color variations – another reason that Academy Award-winning directors are recognizing the power of LG OLED TV, noting that nothing can compare to the technology when it comes to accurately portraying the original cinematic intent.

Along with a wider color gamut, LG OLED TVs can display the finest details of color and gradation. What is better is that OLED’s incomparable picture quality holds up even from wide viewing angles so everyone can appreciate its color and clarity from any seat in the house. The same cannot be said for most LCD TVs, which suffer from color washout and lower contrast when off-axis.

“LG’s pioneering spirit in television design can be seen in how thoroughly the company has dominated the emerging OLED market. LG’s OLED TV line up exceeds standards with stunning picture quality alongside the company’s patent perfect black image, advanced technology, improved brightness and expanded color spectrum, all housed in innovative, slim designs. As the only television manufacturer to meet both the UHDA’s HDR10 and newly announce Dolby Vision HDR standards, LG is paving the way for a more innovative, immersive and experiential TV viewing experience in the coming years. We are proud of our partnership with LG in making these latest innovations available for consumers in Bahrain,” said Sanjeev Awasthi, Chief Operating Officer of AJM Kooheji Group.

 LG’s technological advancements in OLED technology is also promising with the potential it has created by expanding the market share in the premium TV market. According to latest reports, LG plans to triple its OLED TV sales while the company doubles its UHD TV global market share. Research firm IHS estimates that the size of the UHD TV market would expand by up to 150 percent by the end of 2016, while the OLED TV market volume would triple during this year.

 The latest LG OLED TV models will be available at all leading electronic retail stores in Bahrain from next week. Also launched in Bahrain are two lineups of top-notch LG Electronics speakers. The first is the LG Portable Speaker art series (JonOne) that is perfect for customers interested in audio products that not only exhibit exceptional performance, but look great at the same time. Artist JonOne is known for his originality, stylishness and artistic innovation, and this has helped create his international following. As part of a limited edition, the three designs bring listeners into the world of JonOne every time they press play.

Equipped with a number of cutting-edge features and boasting sleek, innovative designs, Second, LG Electronics’ newest Bluetooth speakers (models PH2, PH3 and PH4) have also been launched in Bahrain and are set to deliver the ideal audio solution for a diver range of listening environments, indoors and out. The latest LG Speakers are available in major retailers across Bahrain.

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