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AJM Kooheji Group in association with Yamaha conducts 3S Campaign

Published on June 15, 2016

The Motor and Marine Division of AJM Kooheji Group organized their monthly 3S campaign on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of May 2016 at Bandar Al Dar Fishing Port, Zallaq Fishing Village and Malkiya Fishing Village.

The team conducting this campaign consisted of technical experts from Yamaha who flew in from Japan and Dubai along with AJM Kooheji Group’s technicians. The event recorded a huge turnout of customers.

All customers were delighted with the service provided by the Yamaha officials. Personal care and attention of each customer was specifically looked into. More than 800 customers attended the campaign from all 3 villages.

The offers that were extended to the customers during the 3 day event were as follows –

All parts were sold at 25% discount,

Labor charges were slashed by 20%.

Spark plugs where replaced free on all engines serviced during the day.

All customers were given a voucher of 20% discount on parts and labor for their future use.

However, the highlight of the campaign was the “Dana Boat” which was sold at just BD 990/-. This offer was very well accepted by all customers.

“We at Yamaha & AJM Kooheji Group believe in philosophy of “Great Products with Great Service makes a Happy Customer”. Within this philosophy we also believe in regular after sale service to our customers. I am overjoyed to see the response from all our customers during this campaign. The campaign has definitely touched the hearts of all our customers. I am sure they will cherish this experience for a long time to come. Seeing the success of this campaign we intend to have these campaigns at more villages”, said Sol Bou-Nacklie, GM, AJM Kooheji Group.

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