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LG’s Advanced Refrigerators and Dishwashers Promote Hygiene in the Home

With homeowners striving to maintaining clean and healthy environments, increasing emphasis is being placed on the kitchen, as an area which requires attention.


With research indicating that kitchen fittings can often harbor and encourage bacterial growth, LG Electronics (LG) is designing its appliances with hygiene at their forefront, to provide homeowners with greater peace of mind.


Advanced Food Storage and Preservation with Hygiene Fresh+™

LG’s advanced refrigerators are embedded with Hygiene Fresh+™, a unique patented system designed to promote hygienic storage of food and keep it in optimal condition.



Hygiene Fresh+™ technology harnesses double filters with photocatalyst and UV LED to eliminate bacteria and fungi. A carbon filter and double deodorizers work to reduce acidic (rotten vegetable) and alkaline (fish-like smell) odors. To ensure a clean environment is maintained, LG’s refrigerators feature a fan which encourages air flow and also a separate air channel, delivering clean air to each shelf.


LG’s refrigerators with Hygiene Fresh+™ have been certified by total quality assurance provider Intertek to remove up to 99.999% of four typical bacteria strains that are found in domestic kitchens.


The Power of TrueSteam™ for Hygienically Safe Tableware

To ensure dishes are kept clean and free of bacteria, LG is utilizing the natural sanitary properties of steam. With the company’s advanced TrueSteam™ technology embedded into LG QuadWash dishwashers, pure steam particles are produced to clean and disinfect plates, utensils, glasses and cookware.



QuadWash dishwashers deploy hot steam particles from 100℃ boiling at both the top and bottom of the appliance’s interior to ensure maximum coverage and deliver more hygienic cleaning.


LG’s TrueSteam™ technology has been found to kill 99.9% of common household bacteria by the United States National Sanitation Foundation, while the Korea Testing and Research Institute also conducted tests, indicating that TrueSteam™ can kill up to 99.999% of E-coli, Salmonella and Listeria bacteria.


In terms of performance, dishwashers integrated with LG’s steam technology initiate powerful soaking to loosen tough, baked-on stains, before the main wash gets underway. Additionally, when compared with conventional dishwashers, LG Quadwash appliances with TrueSteam™ can reduce water spots by up to 30%.


With technologies ranging from Hygiene Fresh+™ to TrueSteam™ and more, LG is committed to helping consumers live healthier lives, while also benefiting from the convenience smart home technologies can provide.







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LG’s Washers and Dryers Harness the Power of Steam to Sanitize Clothes Naturally Bahrain, 31 March, 2020 – As personal health and hygiene continue to be top priorities for residents in the GCC, homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to take control of their internal environments. As part of this, consumers are becoming more conscious of not only the cleanliness of their homes, but also their clothing. However, the use of harsh and potentially dangerous solvents and detergents can prove to be a challenge in this endeavor. Nature provides a safer way to clean and eliminate harmful germs and bacteria, without resorting to chemicals: the power of steam. Beyond being the ideal chemical-free option for sanitizing clothes, steam is also one of the most effective options due to its unmatched ability to rapidly penetrate fabric, without causing damage. As an industry leader, LG Electronics (LG) is incorporating health-centric features into its home appliances, with steam technology playing a pivotal role. Along with cleaner clothes and bedding, steam provides considerable peace of mind by reducing the number of health hazards in the home. The pure, powerful steam delivered by LG’s latest washers and dryers eliminates harmful bacteria and germs, as well as unpleasant odors. This unequaled capability of LG’s steam technology to sanitize and deodorize is the differentiated value that LG’s home appliance products can bring to consumers. Clothing Care Solutions That Disinfect Garments and More Since introducing the world’s first washing machines to offer the hygienic benefits of steam 15 years ago, LG has led the industry in leveraging the power of steam in laundry appliances. Today, LG’s washers with steam technology are able to eliminate 99.9 percent of allergens and household dust mites, helping to offer relief to those with certain health issues.1 The company’s steam technology is also behind Allergy Care, which enables LG washers to rid clothes and bedding of germs which are known to cause skin irritation. Suitable for a wide range of items, including delicates, the clothing refresh cycle with steam gets clothes dry and eliminates unwanted wrinkles in just 20 minutes. Using the combined power of high heat and steam, LG’s washers actively reduce bacteria hidden within fabrics. As the demand for more effective hygiene management grows, the market for home appliances that can help protect the health of loved ones will expand. LG’s state-of-the-art appliances represent a first-class defense against certain germs and bacteria, helping consumers and their families live safer, more hygienic lives.


MANAMA, February 26, 2020 LG Electronics (LG) today showcased its advanced HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) to an audience of local stakeholders, consultants, developers and clients in Bahrain.


During an event held at the Crowne Plaza Manama, attendees at the LG Air Solutions Technical Seminar learned how the company is designing its latest HVAC systems with operational efficiency and ease-of-use and maintenance in mind.

With expanding economies and an influx of tourists and large-scale events expected in the coming years, LG predicts increasing demand for ventilation, heating and cooling solutions. The HVAC market in the Middle East and Africa alone is expected to generate USD $10.1 billion in revenue by 2022.


With the expansion of a number of industries, LG believes advanced technologies which balance performance with responsible energy consumption will be essential to ensuring business success. Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 also advocates the move towards a more sustainable ecosystem, in which quality of life is improved, whilst the local environment maintained for future generations. 

As one of the top providers of HVAC systems in Bahrain, LG’s air solutions are designed to help create more comfortable and healthy environments. At the Technical Seminar, LG displayed its advanced lineup of air solutions, including the Multi V 5 – the company’s flagship Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. With Dual Sensing Control, the Multi V5 recognizes humidity and temperature to provide economical and comfortable operation. With its Ultimate Inverter Compressor, the system continuously works to improve its efficiency and reliability.


Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about LG’s Single Split Commercial Air Conditioners, which provide quick, yet powerful cooling and significant energy savings, as a result of LG’s Smart Inverter technology which adjusts output to provide a more consistent temperature. The company’s Single Split Commercial Air Conditioners include ceiling mounted cassette, ceiling concealed duct, ceiling and floor convertible, floor standing and wall mounted units – ideal for environments of all sizes, with varying demands and aesthetic needs.


During the seminar, LG also shared the benefits of its Oil Free Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller, designed to improve partial load efficiency. With precision control up to 0.1Hz, partial load efficiency can be improved by up to 54% when compared with two-stage models running at a fixed speed.


The chiller benefits from requiring less piping and no need to replace oil or filters, allowing users to save time and reduce costs. With this simplified structure, the cause of excessive noise is also eliminated, allowing the chiller to be installed in areas which require low vibration and low noise.


“Bahrain and the wider Gulf region are experiencing rapid change. As the local economy continues to boom and the nation diversifies its source of GDP, industries such as construction and travel and tourism will result in more people living in and visiting its shores. This change means that businesses need to innovate, and that they must offer their audiences new, improved experiences – all while being mindful of day-to-day operations and costs. At LG, we have a longstanding history in helping businesses manage this domain efficiently. As we work towards creating a more sustainable future, we will continue to work alongside our local partners to enhance comfort and air quality for the people of Bahrain”, said Mr. Hongju Jeon, President, LG Electronics Gulf.


Mr. Mohammed Kooheji, Director, AJM Kooheji Group – the official distributor of LG Electronics’ products in Bahrain added, “We are proud to present LG’s latest air solutions, which are uniquely designed to help create more comfortable and healthy environments, while maintaining a sustainable ecosystem. We are committed to working closely with all stakeholders to implement the latest technologies and contribute towards achieving Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.”


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